WindTurbineCluster.assign_power_curve(wake_losses_model='wind_farm_efficiency', smoothing=False, block_width=0.5, standard_deviation_method='turbulence_intensity', smoothing_order='wind_farm_power_curves', turbulence_intensity=None, **kwargs)[source]

Calculates the power curve of a wind turbine cluster.

The turbine cluster power curve is calculated by aggregating the wind farm power curves of wind farms within the turbine cluster. Depending on the parameters the power curves are smoothed (before or after the aggregation) and/or a wind farm efficiency is applied before the aggregation. After the calculations the power curve is assigned to the attribute power_curve.

  • wake_losses_model (str) – Defines the method for taking wake losses within the farm into consideration. Options: ‘wind_farm_efficiency’ or None. Default: ‘wind_farm_efficiency’.
  • smoothing (bool) – If True the power curves will be smoothed before or after the aggregation of power curves depending on smoothing_order. Default: False.
  • block_width (float) – Width between the wind speeds in the sum of the equation in smooth_power_curve(). Default: 0.5.
  • standard_deviation_method (str) – Method for calculating the standard deviation for the Gauss distribution. Options: ‘turbulence_intensity’, ‘Staffell_Pfenninger’. Default: ‘turbulence_intensity’.
  • smoothing_order (str) – Defines when the smoothing takes place if smoothing is True. Options: ‘turbine_power_curves’ (to the single turbine power curves), ‘wind_farm_power_curves’. Default: ‘wind_farm_power_curves’.
  • turbulence_intensity (float) – Turbulence intensity at hub height of the wind farm or wind turbine cluster for power curve smoothing with ‘turbulence_intensity’ method. Can be calculated from roughness_length instead. Default: None.
  • roughness_length (float (optional)) – Roughness length. If standard_deviation_method is ‘turbulence_intensity’ and turbulence_intensity is not given the turbulence intensity is calculated via the roughness length.


Return type: