class windpowerlib.wind_turbine.WindTurbineGroup[source]

A simple data container to define more than one turbine of the same type. Use the to_group() method to easily create a WindTurbineGroup from a WindTurbine object.

  • 'wind_turbine' (WindTurbine) – A WindTurbine object with all necessary attributes.
  • 'number_of_turbines' (float) – The number of turbines. The number is not restricted to integer values.

Create new instance of WindTurbineGroup(wind_turbine, number_of_turbines)


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


count Return number of occurrences of value.
index Return first index of value.


number_of_turbines Number of turbines of type WindTurbine
wind_turbine A WindTurbine object.