example.modelchain_example.calculate_power_output(weather, my_turbine, e126, dummy_turbine)[source]

Calculates power output of wind turbines using the ModelChain.

The ModelChain is a class that provides all necessary steps to calculate the power output of a wind turbine. You can either use the default methods for the calculation steps, as done for ‘my_turbine’, or choose different methods, as done for the ‘e126’. Of course, you can also use the default methods while only changing one or two of them, as done for ‘dummy_turbine’.

  • weather (pandas.DataFrame) – Contains weather data time series.
  • my_turbine (WindTurbine) – WindTurbine object with self provided power curve.
  • e126 (WindTurbine) – WindTurbine object with power curve from the OpenEnergy Database turbine library.
  • dummy_turbine (WindTurbine) – WindTurbine object with power coefficient curve from example file.